Scarf Liberty

The Liberty scarf is my song to freedom. The freedom to be yourself, the freedom to express your individuality vividly.
A bright personality, passing by, carries away many people with it. As flowers turn their heads towards the sun, so people are drawn to those who are bright. Listen, imitate, follow. And a person simply goes his own way, leaving a trail behind him, like the tail of a comet.
He is free, because his actions and judgments do not depend on others, on the choice of society, on the trends of the time.
This scarf was created for such a person.

This is my first work with silk from the legendary British house Liberty, which is over 140 years old.
Liberty London today is London's iconic store and historic landmark. Also under this brand fabrics with original prints are produced. I was lucky to work with their high quality silk.
They say that the British royal family is not allowed to wear colorful floral dresses to receptions. An exception is made for only one brand - products from Liberty fabrics.
The brand has a rich and colorful history, just like their prints. The Liberty House traded in fabrics, art and interior items, and antiques. Many curiosities were brought to London from the East. The Victoria and Albert Museum purchased oriental embroidery and carpets from Liberty for its collection, and Oscar Wilde called Liberty "a real resort for creative buyers."
But it all started with one bright personality. The founder of the brand, Arthur Liberty, said: “I decided not to follow current trends, but to create my own.”

The scarf is made from British Liberty silk with the addition of Italian silk and delicate merino wool. Decorated with hand-dyed Mulberry silk fibers.

Length: 2 m 78 cm // 9 ft 2 inch
Width: 83 cm // 2ft 9 inch

Care Rules:
Dry clean. Or hand wash.
How to wash: gently wash by hand in warm water with shampoo or with a detergent for wool, then gently rinse in water at the same temperature. Stretch in a wet state to a rectangular shape and steam it with an iron. Hang to dry, after drying completely iron again.
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