Katerina Kelberg is a brand-new of luxury hand-made scarves and accessories. We came to the market by creating scarves using the unique technology developed by designer from Saint- Petersburg — Katerina Kelberg. 
Our pieces are created with the painstaking long-lasting attention and with high standards of quality. The artist create them with love and passion, that is why our pieces are full of love and make everybody warm. Each piece is created by the artist like a real picture and it is not possible to reproduce the same colour scheme for the second time. That’s why each single piece has a very unique style, name and number. Our pieces tell exciting stories from near and far and evoke emotions inspired by colours.
We create our pieces by choosing pure silk of the best quality only as well as a soft merino wool. Merino is a breed of sheep prized for its wool. Merino wool is the particularly finest and softest wool and suitable for blending with other fibers such as silk. We create fine edging seams for our pieces with pure silk threads, thanks to these threads the edging are shining soft and delicate.
Some of our shawls are decorated with the fibers of silk — either touched with a wild silk or with white silk handcoloured by our artists. Our shawls have a big size — about three meters at length and about one meter wide. Thanks to fine silk they are lightweight and can be draped easily.
The fine shawl is an timelessly essential and versatile wardrobe item for all occasions. It goes nearly with everything.
It looks good during the day, if worn over a coat wrapped around the shoulders and it also makes a statement in the evening or at night, if worn over the dress. It will also look great in the summertime if mixed it up with a top or swimwear.