Saga of Love

St. Petersburg

We know that love has no age, no nationality, no race. We know that she is able to overcome not only distances, but even time.
However, when we ourselves reach the age that can be called maturity, we are often afraid to take a step towards love ... How easy it is to fall in love and rush into the pool of passion at 20! You sacredly believe that no one has ever loved you so much before and that everything will be different for you than for others, but much better!
With age, there is no illusion, pink glasses gather dust in the closet for a long time, but invaluable experience has been accumulated, and love becomes different. She is beautiful as the verified dance of experienced partners. The rhythm of love is sometimes not so insane as in youth, but distinct and confident. What was previously difficult for us to explain in words is now clear without words. Knowing our strengths and capabilities, we find it easier to find a balance in relationships, no longer pulling the scales to our side.
We become different, love more mature love - and it's great!
And even if the love story was interrupted many years ago, nothing will stop her from being reborn...

  • Tatiana Kuznetsova


  • Ivan Petkov

  • Katya Mukhina


  • Alena Kondratyeva


  • Belmond Grand Hotel Europe


  • Katerina Kelberg

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