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Katerina Kelberg was born in St. Petersburg. In childhood she absorbed the spirit of a noble city and now, using her innate sense of beauty, she tries to make her work worthy of the architecture and history of the great pearl of the North.

Now the designer lives and works in Serbia, in Belgrade, inspired by the atmosphere of this hospitable city and fulfilling her work with the bright colors of the southern sunny country.

Katerina feels a strong connection with nature and made it her main teacher. For her environmental sustainability is of a great importance. The designer sees the goal of her creative life in bringing harmony into our unstable world. Her products are inspired by the love and good thoughts invested in them. They may turn a gray day into a bright one, delivering the melody of harmony into the soul.

Subtly feeling the forces ruling our planet, the designer tries to convey the perfection of natural colors and shapes in her unique collection of shawls. If the owner of the shawl, wearing it, feels the sea wind or the rustling of autumn leaves, the artist considers this as her success.

Katerina loves to travel and finds inspiration in exploring different parts of our planet. Her collections include shawls that carry the atmosphere of various cities and countries.

Also, over time, she learned to deliver her musical impressions music into color, and some of her pieces became musical compositions transcribed into the language of form and color. You can hear music while wearing many of the master's shawls. For each shawl Katerina writes the story of its creation and inspiration, and also explains the message that is encrypted inside.

The designer graduated from the ArtFuture design school in St. Petersburg, studying with the best teachers in the fashion industry. After graduation from design school, she worked at a stage costume design studio, and later designed her shirts collection and knitted dresses collection.

Later on, exploring the world of design she got acquainted with the most ancient craft - felting. Unexpectedly, opportunities of using the ancient craft tecnique captured Katerina so much that felting became a priority. Combining the craft of felting with the most delicate Italian silks, Katerina invented her own unique technology that allows you to create thin fabric made of wool and silk. This is how her large weightless shawls were born: pieces of art that can be worn.
Katerina has been dedicated to felting for more than 10 years, constantly improving her patented technology.

Along with mixing colors and palettes in shawls, the designer also developed love for certain colors. To express this love through design, Katerina decided to produce silk color tops.

Starting in Russia, the uniqueness and quality of the products has led to the fact that both shawls and tops can now be found in different countries of the world worn by people who are fascinated by Katerina's ideas and designs. Fans of the master's work wear her shawls in Germany, Latvia, Austria, Israel, the USA and Canada.

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