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Shawls are unique silk and wool paintings. Each shawl is created once and never repeats. Its mosaic is created for many hours by the master as a painting. Katerina describes the history of the shawl and the source of inspiration for it, as well as the message that the shawl carries. Each shawl has its own unique number and name.

Using the opportunities of implementing wool as an artistic instrument she falled in love with this live and grateful material, Katerina has been studying various ancient felting techniques from the best masters in Russia and Baltic Countries for several years. She dreamed of creating the thinnest possible material, transparent, soft and at the same time able to hold its shape. The play of colors has to go along with the play of various textures, creating a unique image.

The designer's idea was to create not just a scarf as an accessory, but as a piece of art that can be worn on oneself. After several years of creative experiments, a unique technology was developed. And a few years later in 2018 it was patented as an invention.

To obtain a patent for an invention, it is necessary to prove to the world the novelty of the method. Felting is the oldest way of making fabric; it is older than weaving and carpet weaving. What can be invented here, and how did Katerina manage to get a patent?

The secret of the invention is in a uniquely thin material. Wool and silk, connecting with each other, penetrating each other, and making up a "layer cake", however, form a thin canvas that can be twisted and threaded into a ring. By providing proof that no one in the world produces anything like this, Katerina secured her status as an inventor.

The product creates an extraordinary feeling of comfort for its owner, as it combines both the properties of silk and the properties of wool. Keeping the natural heat of the body, the shawl protects both from cold and heat, as well as from humid and burning sunlight. Once you put on this cozy thing, it is almost impossible to part with it.

Katerina's love for color has also been expressed in the production of silk tops, for which she selects rare and sophisticated colors. The cut is designed to provide women maximum convenience and comfort, and their design is not overloaded with decoration. “Only color, nothing more,” says the designer.

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