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Katerina Kelberg

Shawl Cosmic

Shawl Cosmic

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Dimensions and materials

The shawl is made from the finest natural Italian silk and delicate merino wool 16 micron
Edge trimmed with 100% silk threads.

Length: 3 m 45 cm
Width: 95 cm


My inspiration comes often from the sea and rivers, sometimes from the Earth as seen from above, but never from space. How did it happen that despite the endlessness and mystery of the universe, no shawl has been dedicated to it? It's time to fix this mistake!
There are so many mysteries in the Cosmic shawl that need to be solved. This shawl contains our solar system and distant galaxies thousands of light years away. But we can dream of them, right?


Therefore, this shawl was created for the one who knows how to dream, the one who can fly, and, of course, for the one who takes shelter under the stars at night. In a word, this shawl was created for the most mysterious of women!


Dry clean. Or hand wash.

How to wash: gently wash by hand in warm water with shampoo or with a detergent for wool, then gently rinse in water at the same temperature. Stretch in a wet state to a rectangular shape and steam it with an iron. Hang to dry, after drying completely iron again.

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