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Katerina Kelberg

Shawl Pisces

Shawl Pisces

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Dimensions and materials

The shawl is made from the finest natural Italian silk and delicate merino wool 16 micron. Decorated with golden fibers of wild Muga silk.
Edge trimmed with 100% silk threads.

Length: 2 m 62 cm
Width: 76 cm


There are times when the name of the shawl comes before its birth, and other times when it comes after. During that time, I did not know what I would do. It was just a matter of picking colors that resonated with my thoughts at that time. Then the image of a shawl appeared, but I did not know what to call it. I imagined there would be something related to the sea, its ebbs and flows. Maybe the seabed. I looked many photos of the seabed and the underwater world while making it. In the middle of making a shawl, I suddenly realized I was stroking a fish's side. The shawl reminded me of a three-meter fish, so I stroked its sides, felting the wool. The marine names have disappeared, and the shawl turned out to be alive - the fish dictated its conditions.
As the shawl was nearing completion, I suddenly realized it should be called Pisces, because it is about people who live in this energy, who slowly swim in the current of life.

In the course of time, I have been able to learn how the planets stood in the sky that time when I was fully immersed in creating the shawl. My surprise when I discovered there was a cluster of planets in Pisces in those days when I started work!


The shawl carries the subtlest energies, it connects the other world to ours - the real world. It speaks of a space that seems distant, inaccessible, and mysterious, yet it is closely entwined with our daily lives. However, as it should be for Pisces, this shawl is silent. More than it tells, it is silent. It must be felt. 

You fall into the thinnest gentle silk to yourself and catch something inexplicable, barely audible... To feel the warmth of life at depth.  


Dry clean. Or hand wash.

How to wash: gently wash by hand in warm water with shampoo or with a detergent for wool, then gently rinse in water at the same temperature. Stretch in a wet state to a rectangular shape and steam it with an iron. Hang to dry, after drying completely iron again.

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