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Katerina Kelberg

Shawl Samba Saravah

Shawl Samba Saravah

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Dimensions and materials

The shawl is made from the finest natural Italian silk and delicate merino wool 16 micron. Decorated with golden fibers of wild Muga silk.
Edge trimmed with 100% silk threads.

Length: 2 m 78 cm
Width: 83 cm


There are some shawls that have an amazing history - they were born from music. If I have the same melody playing endlessly, that means I am translating music into color. Initial color spots appear, barely perceptible moods of the shawl. My understanding of silk for music begins to unfold as the details are drawn more clearly. Then comes the final assembly - with the help of wool, I mold the shape based on the color. The result is music that can only be heard by those who can see.

This shawl was born from the tune "Samba Saravah", which sounds in the film "Man and Woman" by Claude Lelouch.


In this shawl, you can feel the rhythms of Samba in every day life. It has happiness and sadness. "Samba without sadness is like wine that doesn't intoxicate."
It talks about love, which is stronger than death. About the search. This is the story of the journey. A story about something deep we sometimes find, but cannot keep.


Dry clean. Or hand wash.

How to wash: gently wash by hand in warm water with shampoo or with a detergent for wool, then gently rinse in water at the same temperature. Stretch in a wet state to a rectangular shape and steam it with an iron. Hang to dry, after drying completely iron again.

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