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Katerina Kelberg

Top Paris

Top Paris

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Composition: 100% pure silk

Type of Fabric: Georgette Silk

Model features

We are happy to introduce Paris, our new model!

It fits any figure and is most suitable for those who love free-form clothing.

As opposed to all the other tops in the collection, this one is made of silk georgette, which makes it more flexible and flowy. As this type of silk does not like sharp lines and stitches, we created a free model for it. The lightweight model is made from silk stitched in one layer without any lining.


With its Parisian charm, this top is a must-have!

It was inspired by the ability of French women to wear luxurious things casually, feel free in vibrant colors, and bring creativity to everyday life. This top celebrates French style and invites you to walk around Paris.


Delicate wash. Or dry clean. 

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