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Katerina Kelberg

Top Creamy Cocoa

Top Creamy Cocoa

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Composition: 100% pure silk

Type of Fabric: Crepe Silk

Model features

The top is two-layer - the lining is made of the same Italian crepe silk as the top of the product, so it won't show through.

The straps are equipped with adjusters so that you can make the length comfortable for you.


The discovery of such a rare and delicious cocoa color is a great success! The color is basic, versatile, and non-standard all at once. In contrast to a neutral beige, this color has a pink undertone and has character. He is both strict and gentle at the same time.

You can create an image for breakfast by combining it with white, lemon, and pink. For a business meeting, you can combine gray, blue, and brown. With bright colors, such as a bright blue, you can wear the top on a summer walk.

For all times, this top will be your warm friend with cocoa flavor.


Delicate wash. Or dry clean.

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